ILIFE A4S Smart Vacuum Cleaner Remote Control Robot

ILIFE A4S Smart Vacuum Cleaner Remote Control Robot

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ILIFE A4S Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Cordless Sweeping Cleaning Machine Self-recharging HEPA Filter Remote Control Robot US PLUG

Notes: This Vacuum cleaner is an electronics product, so cannot be used on the wet floor.

ILIFE A4S Intelligent Robot is a new generation robotic vacuum cleaner with OBS all terrain detection system. It is controlled by advanced intelligent program, save your time and effort. With super strong suction, it can deal with different environment. It has multiple cleaning mode: Auto Cleaning, Spot Cleaning, Edge Cleaning, Reservation Cleaing, Max Cleaning and Mini-room Cleaning, which will give you a cleaning and comfortable environment. With intelligent IR receivers, A4S Vacuum Cleaner is intelligent to prevent the collision and front-end soft bumper protects furniture from damage. 65db low noise mute will give you a quiet environment. Come on, take it home, it is worthy for you to own one.

1. Super Strong Suction
1000pa super strong suction makes the robot cleaner easy to adsorp dust, hair, paper, reduce the pollution of PM2.5 and give you a comfortable environment.
2. 3-Step Cleaning System
1000pa vacuum suction picks up dirt and dust easily, rotating blade brushes does efficiently cleaning on carpet, sides brushes gets dust free even in the corner and wall edges. 3-step cleaning system provides a thorough and concentrated clean.
3. Most Powerful Battery
Lithium 2600mah battery with fade free technology brings 140 minutes working time after one full charge, also ensures a lasting battery life.
4. 12mm Climbing
It's has 12mm climbing function 10 degrees climbing height.
5. Adapt to Different Floors
ILIFE A4S works on various floor types: thin carpet, wood, tile and marble.
6. Multiple cleaning modes
Max mode: enhanced cleaning with max power suctions.
Spot mode: focus cleaning on a special area you need.
Edge mode: cleaning near the wall sides.
Schedule model: programable scheduling allows your robot to work when you sleep or go out.
Auto mode: Automatically cleaning and charging.
Mini-room Mode: A4s could clean the room more deeply and precisely in a short time when the separate room wants to be cleaned.
7. Scheduling Function
You can schedule to let the robot start cleaning at a certain time.
8. Large area available
Automatic Cleaning for home and office, large area available up to 195 square meters.
9. Anti-collision System
With the soft bumper in the front-end of the robot, it can better protect the furniture.
10. Less Than 65db Low Noise Design
Even when you open the max mode, the noise will not surpass 65db, its easy to help you solve the noisy problem.

Mechanical Specifications:
Diameter: 310mm
Height: 76mm
Weight: 2.25kg
Electrical Specifications
Voltage: 14.4V
Battery specification: Lithium ion 2600mAH
Cleaning Specifications
Dust bin capacity:0.45L
Charging type: Auto Charging/Manual Charging
Cleaning mode: Auto,Spot,Edge,Daily Schedule,Miniroom,Max
Charging time:300 min
Cleaning time: 120-140 min
Main Body Button Type: Mechanical Button

Package Included:
Main Body*1
Charging Home Base*1
Remote Control(battery included) *1
Adapter *1
Cleaning Tool*1
User Manual*1
Extra Side Brush*2
Extra HEPA Filter *1

  • Cleaning mode: Auto,Spot,Edge,Daily Schedule,Miniroom,Max
  • Diameter: 310mm
  • Cleaning time: 120-140 min
  • Charging time:<300 min
  • Dust bin capacity:>0.45L

  • Cleaning mode: Auto,Spot,Edge,Daily Schedule,Miniroom,Max
  • Dust bin capacity:>0.45L
  • Cleaning time: 120-140 min
  • Charging time:<300 min
  • Diameter: 310mm

Features:Cordless Remote Controlled Scheduled Operation



ILIFE A4S Smart Vacuum Cleaner Remote Control Robot