Big 12® Speed® Square W/Layout Bar™, Blue Book 564023173

Big 12® Speed® Square W/Layout Bar™, Blue Book 564023173

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The Big 12 speed squareis a 12 In. version of the Swanson speed square with added features for building stairs. This innovative tool combines 7 tools into 1: 1. Try square,2. Miter square,3. Saw guide, 4. Line scriber, 5. Protractor, 6. Out-of-square corner angle finder, & 7. Stair layout square. The Big 12 speedsquare is die-cast for durability and accuracy. Made of heavy-gauge aerospace aluminum alloy, it is built to last. Black-filled gradations stand out against a matte finish for easy reading and are simple to use with the Swanson one-number method of rafter layout. This model includes the Swansonblue book for roof and stairway layout as well as thelayout barfor use in determining out-of-square corners when building stairways. The Swanson speed square is our most popular product and remains the most trusted square of its kind. Look for the Diamond cutout for genuine Swanson products.

  • Ideal for deck construction, stairway layout and for use with large material
  • Heavy-gauge aluminum
  • Make building a deck or laying out a stairway much easier with this Swanson Tool S0107 12\" The Big 12 Speed Square. It is made from sturdy and durable heavy-gauge aluminum and comes with a layout bar for measuring out-of-square corners and exterior step stringers. The tool square has black gradations for easier reading and a a matte finish to help prevent glare for added convenience. It comes with an easy-to-understand instruction booklet.

    detailedDescription":"12-in. version of the speed® square is essential for every carpenter, construction professional, roofer, and dyer.



    Assembled Product Weight:1.00 lb


    Manufacturer Part Number:S0107

    Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H):12.25 x 12.38 x 1.00 Inches

    Big 12® Speed® Square W/Layout Bar™, Blue Book 564023173